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Infacet Jewellers, Cape Town is a leading stockist of internationally certified diamonds and specialize in manufacturing custom-made diamond engagement rings.

Diamonds are the hardest known substance to man and are also the most precious of all the gemstones.

They are truly “A Girl’s best friend” steeped in romance with mystique and are synonymous with everlasting love.

The 4C’s, Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut determine the diamonds value.

• Carat- the weight of the diamond
• Clarity-the inclusions or lack of inclusions found in the stone.
• Colour-the degree to which the diamond is colourless
• Cut-the way angles and proportions of the stone are cut or polished
All 4C’s determine the worth of a diamond but the cut of the stone is the only aspects influenced by man and this can greatly affect the diamond brilliance.
Infacet Jewellers supports the Kimberley Process, a certification system preventing Conflict Diamonds from entering the legitimate diamond supply chain.